Spelling Activities

Spelling Training offers the student the opportunity to type their own spelling words and to subsequently play online games with these words.  You can click on the green buttons below the lists to choose different games and puzzles.  The pronunciation of the respective words are available if you click on the herewith find a few lists of “tricky” words…

  • Read the word.
  • Listen to the word.
  • Find the meaning of the word by typing “define” (and the word) into a search engine like Google or by using a dictionary.
  • Play a game.
  • Use the word in a sentence.
  • Add new words to a personal word list or dictionary (allocate a page per letter of the alphabet in a notebook).

ai words

ay words

oi words

oy words

ea words

ee words

oo words

igh words

ie words

ei words

oa words

ou words

oe words

ow words

ui words

ue words

ew words

aw words

au words


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