Websites with FREE options during school shutdowns

Thank you to the educators and educational websites who have shared these free options.

  1. Daily Routine Cards
  2. Visual Schedules and other routine cards [More]
  3. Story:  What is the Corona Virus?
  4. Social Story: No School Today
  5. Social Story: Corona Virus
  6. Social Story: Wearing a mask
  7. Story: My school is closed today
  8. Read a book, a poem, lyrics to your favourite songs…free stories on Clarkness.
  9. Storyline Online – Listen to stories
  10. Listen to more stories
  11. Stories in French/English
  12. Listen to stories from space
  13. Listen to stories and read along
  14. If you have access to Twitter/Facebook? Look at #FreeBookResources for ideas share by illustrators and authors.
  15. Build a fort – with blankets inside or with snow outside.
  16. Play board games.
  17. Bake cookies.
  18. Build puzzles.
  19. If you don’t have puzzles, cut pictures from old magazines and cut them up.  Keep the pieces in old envelopes or Ziplock bags.
  20. Count the birds in your yard.  How many hop?  How many seem shy?  How many are looking for food?
  21. Have a long bubble bath.
  22. Cut used, recycled paper into strips and create a paper chain.  Can you staple or tape each ring yourself?
  23. Draw a picture or write a letter to a family member, friend or your teacher.  Ask your parents to take and send a picture electronically.  We don’t want to lick stamps or envelopes right now. 
  24. Work for different grade levels and subjects
  25. Cut a page from an old magazine or an article from an old newspaper.  Ask your parents to help.
    1. How many words can you circle with 3 letters each?
    2. How many words can you circle with each of the following blends: ee, ea, ai, ay, oo, oa, ou, ow, oe, ue, ui, ew, aw, oi, oy…?
    3. Write these words on separate pages in your journal.  Can you illustrate the words?  Can you write a descriptive sentence for some of the words?
  26. Write about the day’s weather.  What is the weather forecast and temperatures?  Draw a picture.
  27. If you don’t have any worksheets, build words on a cookie sheet with magnetic letters or write the words with a dry erase marker.
  28. Learn to write in cursive (videos)
  29. Free books from Pearson
  30. A spreadsheet filled with free options.
  31. Scholastic Learn at Home (BookFlix: username: Learning20 | password: Clifford) Kindergarten, Grades 1/2, Grade 3-5, Grade 6+
  32. 75 Printable games
  33. Grade 1 Worksheets
  34. Various free workbooks.  Click on the English books in each level.
  35. Math stories: frogs,monkeys, umbrella math stories
  36. Number worksheets
  37. Math work – different grade levels
  38. Printable Sound Cards
  39. Words with diagraphs
  40. Read riddles about sports, animals, careers
  41. Read a recipe and answer questions.
  42. Pancake Day info
  43. Shrove or Pancake Day (read)
  44. The Runaway Pancake (story)
  45. Pancake Math (fractions) answers
  46. Spring Math (answers)
  47. Spring Math 1
  48. Spring Math 2
  49. Spring Math 3
  50. Spring Math 4
  51. Spring Math 5
  52. Spring Math 6
  53. Addition
  54. Calendar Math
  55. Addition colouring
  56. Place Value Worksheets
  57. Shapes:  Find similar shapes in your home and add them to the posters.
  58. 3rd Grade morning work
  59. 3rd Grade Work
  60. Free worksheets – various grade levels
  61. Math: Upper elementary  S Farrell
  62. Times Tables S Farrell
  63. Grammar S Farrell
  64. Phonics Play
  65. -all word family worksheets
  66. ow Dipthong word family worksheets
  67. Art: Use Playdough or Water Paint
  68. A whole channel filled with art lessons
  69. Mo Willems wants to draw pictures with you.
  70. Imagination Library
  71. Use a stamp pad to create pictures on a sheet with your Lego, lids, toys (dinosaur feet, etc.).  If you don’t have ink, use think paint.  Stamp pictures, create patters, stamp letters, shapes and numbers.
  72. If you have leftover paint or ink, add it to an ice tray and fill with water.  Before you freeze the tray, add twigs, popsicle sticks or clean earbuds.  When frozen, add a page to a baking sheet or clean tray.  No paint or write with your colourful ice cubes.
  73. Add a sheet of paper to the bottom of a plastic container or box.  Squeeze paint over the page (in lines or squiggles) – in different colours.  Add a marble and let it roll over the page – back and forth.  Let the page dry and use it as gift wrap paper.
  74. Virtual Field Trips to Museums [more]
  75. Virtual Field Trips to a farm
  76. Ranger Rick
  77. 5 Canadian Virtual Tours
  78. Geography
  79. Geography games [another one]
  80. Practice Spelling
    1. Type your spelling lists in on  You would be able to play various games afterwards.
    2. Noun worksheets
    3. Sight Words 1
    4. Sight Words 2
    5. Sight Words 3
    6. Colour Sight Words: School Theme
    7. Colour Sight Words: Superheroes
    8. Spring booklet
    9. Colour the words: Ocean Theme
    10. ai words in print / ai words cursive [Left-handed]
    11. ei words in print / ei words cursive (sounds like A) [Left-handed print and cursive]
    12. ey words in print / ey words cursive (sounds like A)
  81. Short and simple Science Activities
  82. Skype a Scientist 
  83. Videos and lessons regarding: Maps and Globes, Levels of Organization:  an introduction to Biology, Because of Winn Dixie
  84. GoNoodle
  85. PE at home
  86. Plays [Shakespeare…]


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