Phonics stories:

  1. Fox, dog & log
  2. Bunny & Bug
  3. Mike Rides a Bike
  4. Mouse & Cow
  5. Beginner Phonics
  6. Blends (e.g. th, sh, ch)
  7. Silent E (Also known as Fairy, Bossy or Magic E)
  8. Magnetic tiles to build a sentence or story with.
  9. Leveled Books

Other options

  1. Audible Books


  1. Jan Brett reads books on her Facebook page.
  2. Peter H Reynolds talks about his books and illustrations on Facebook.
  3. Pete the Cat shares stories and drawings on Facebook.
  4. Laura Numeroff shares her stories (e.g. If you give a mouse a cookie).

Libraries:  (Click on the book/item and then on the link to open it.   Once you see the slide, click on the pictures to get the books’ links.  Created by a variety of other teachers.)  Make a copy to save it to your gmail account.

  1. Back to school books
  2. There was an old lady…Library
  3. If you give a…Library
  4. Fairy Tales 🧚🏻‍♂️🏰👸🏼
  5. Social Emotional…Library
  6. 100th Day of School
  7. Math story books
  8. Dr. Seuss books
  9. Rainbow Fish
  10. Click, Clack
  11. Splat the cat
  12. Llama, Llama
  13. Berenstain Bears
  14. Multiple Libraries
  15. Pinkalicious
  16. Kevin Henkes’ Mouse Library
  17. Magic School Bus
  18. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  19. Hoot
  20. Novels such as Rules and Wonder
  21. Winn Dixie and other books
  22. I survived…series (chapters)
  23. Fish in a Tree
  24. Novels such as Holes and Charlotte’s Web
  25. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  26. 39 Clues – Maze of Bones
  27. Book Scavenger
  28. Red Pyramid
  29. Audiobooks Novel Books
  30. Fall books (review before sharing)

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