Resources shared by our counselor

Dr. Keijzer has shared these valuable resources:

A couple of resources from Dr. Gili Adler Nevo who works at the Child & Adolescent Anxiety Clinic at the Michael Garron hospital in Toronto:  The first video teaches breathing retraining and the second video, also by Dr. Gili Adler Nevo, teaches progressive relaxation .

  1. A.D.A.M. (Anxiety Disorders Association of MB)

“If your child’s anxiety is problematic enough to prompt you to consider medication, this article, Best medication for kids with anxiety, may help you make your decision.”

Also have a look at the following videos:

Lastly, a workshop titled “Raising Resilient Kids in an anxious world” will take place from October 5th – 9th.  You can register here.

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